Safey Knows how you feel and is here to give you that boost of energy you so desperately need.

After Safey’s AI Confirms its owner’s facial expression as indicating tiredness. it then emits a multicolored light to stimulate concentration.

It also discharges a burst of grass-scented ozone, thereby purifying the owner’s immediate atmosphere.


Feeling a little chilly? Or is it too hot inside? Safey stay with you at any time.




Safey can also provide assistance before, during and after a presentation or meeting. Safey uses AI to recognize every attendee and then automatically adds their names to the minutes. If so instructed, Safey can also give a quick introduction of the theme at hand. As the meeting progresses, Safey makes sure to register individual participants’ contributions, which are reflected in the minutes it is diligently taking. After the meeting has finished, Safey distributes the minutes as per its owner’s instructions. Moreover, Safey is HDMI-compatible, which allows you to conveniently share any relevant materials with your peers.



There are few household appliances more useful than your fridge. It keeps your food fresh and your beer cold. On the other hand, keeping an overview of its content is not necessarily an easy task. Not to worry, Safey® is here to help!

Whenever you put a new product in your refrigerator, Safey® can use its AI to register its durability. In addition, it has the ability to detect smelly odors. When it does, Safey® releases a burst of Active Oxygen, thereby purifying your refrigerator and effectively prolonging the shelf life of any foods in it!

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